Rare out of prints
Time and a word - the original German first and second pressings - studio

CD 1 : first pressing: normal tracklist with "Dear father" instead of "The prophet", all alternate mixes

CD 2 : second pressing: normal tracklist, same mixes as first pressing, with alternate mix of "The prophet"

YesSymphonic - Tour EP - 2001

Don't go, In the presence of (Album-versions), Long distance runaround (1997 live-version with orchestra added)

ABWH - Brother of mine-Maxi-cd

Brother of mine, Themes, Vultures in the city

Twelve inches on disc - Remixes - 1983-1997
Studio - A

Leave it (Hello mix), Leave it (Remix), Leave it (A capella), Big Generator (LP), Big generator (Remix), Hold on (edit), Hold on (EP version), Love will find a way (edit), Love will find a way (LP), Rhythm of love (Dance to the rhythm mix), Rhythm of love (Move to the rhythm mix), Rhythm of love (The rythm of dub), Owner of a lonely heart (Red & blue mix)
Jon Anderson - Animation (82)

+ Bonus: Spider (b-side)

from LP

Jon Anderson - Three ships (85)

copy from japan re-issue cd

Various artists - The Deseo remixes (95)

Deep Forest : Deep floresta, Trans-Global Underground : Intercity 125 Mix, Deep Forest : Speed deep, Trans-Global Underground : Master Mute vs The Tone-E Programme Mix, Future Sound of London : FSOL Deseo reconstruction, Global Communication : Amor real, Trans-Global Underground : Master Mute Instrumental Mix, Global Communication : Bless this, Future Sound of London : Deseo reconstruction #2
Jon Anderson - Change we must - Maxi-cd

Change we must (single edit), State of independence, Change we must (album edit), Interview with Jon (5:03 min)

John Paul Jones - Scream for help - Soundtrack to the film "Cry for Help" 1985

featuring Jon Anderson on vocals on two tracks: " Silver train" and "Christie"

Tangerine Dream - Legend - OST - 1985

feat. Jon Anderson on one song and Bryan Ferry
Johnny Harris - All to bring you morning

featuring Alan White, Jon Anderson and Steve Howe

Tadamitsu Saito - It's about time

featuring Jon Anderson

Jonathan Elias - Requiem for the Americas - (89)

Within the lost world (featuring Jon Anderson and Grace Jones), I've not forgotten you, Du He Kah (The healer), Invisible man, Talk with Grandfather, Follow in my footsteps, The journey, The chant movement, Born in the dreamtime, Far far cry (featuring Jon Anderson and Michael Bolton), Father and son
Cielo y Tierra - Heaven and Earth - 1996

feat. Jon Anderson and Freddy Ramos

Charlie Bisharat - Along the Amazon - 1993

feat. Jon Anderson on 1 track

Absolute Elswhere - In search of ancients gods (76)

feat. Bill Bruford

bootleg version probably from LP, but quality A

Kazumi Watanabe - The spice of life - 1987

featuring Bill Bruford and Jeff Berlin

Kazumi Watanabe - The spice of life too - 1988

featuring Bill Bruford and Jeff Berlin

National Health - Complete

2 CD feat. Bill Bruford

Rabbitt - Boys will be boys (75)

Trevor Rabin's Southafrican Band

Rabbitt - A croak and a grunt in the night (77)

from LP

Rabbitt - The Hits - (96) (original releases 1975-1977)

Hard ride, Charlie, Lonely loner too, Searching, Dingley's bookshop, Locomotive breath, Baby's leaving, Pollyman, TC Rabin in D minor, I sleep alone, A croak and a grunt in the night, Morning light, Schumann, Hold on to love, Take it easy, Lifeline, When I was eleven, Everybody's cheating, Savage, Getting through to you, Auld Lang Syne, A love you song
Various artists - Night of the guitar live ! (feat. Steve Howe) - 1989

Pete Haycock : Dr Brown I presume, Steve Hunter & Pete Haycock : The idler, Pete Haycock & Steve Hunter : Lucienne, Randy California & Steve Hunter : Groove thing, Randy California : Hey Joe, Robbie Krieger & Steve Hunter : Love me two times, Ted Turner & Andy Powell : The king will come, Leslie West : Theme from an imaginary western, Steve Howe : Sketches in the sun, Steve Howe & Pete Haycock : Würm, Alvin Lee : No limit, Ain't nothin' shakin', All players : All along the watchtower
Animal Logic - Same (89)

Stanley Clark / Stewart Copeland / Deborah Holland - feat. Steve Howe on two tracks

Dregs - Industry Standard

featuring Steve Howe

Propaganda - A secret wish - 1985

featuring Steve Howe (credited, but nearly inaudible!)

Patrick Moraz - In Princeton

Piano solo recording Quality A+

Patrick Moraz OOP: Patrick Moraz (III) 1978
Coexistence w/Syrinx 1984
Timecode 1984
Future Memories Live On TV 1984
Future Memories II 1984
Human Interface 1987
Windows of time 1994
Resonance 2000
Moraz/Bruford - Music for piano and drums (83)

The first mainly improvised album.

copy from EG-CD

Moraz/Bruford - Flags (85)

Patrick's and Bill's second album. Wonderful !

original EG-CD

Refugee - Same (74)

Patrick Moraz / Brian Davison / Lee Jackson

Mainhorse - Same (71)

Patrick Moraz / Peter Lockett / Jean Ristori / Bryson Graham

KORG - The best of the 01/W

featuring Rick Wakeman, Geoff Downes, Eddie Jobson a.o.

Rick Wakeman - Liztomania
Rick Wakeman - The six wives of Henry VIII - Quadraphonic collectors edition - (73)

Catherine of Aragon, Annes of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, Ann Boleyn, Catherine Parr (Quadraphonic tracks), Catherine of Aragon, Annes of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, Ann Boleyn, Catherine Parr (Alternate tracks)
Rick Wakeman - No earthly connection - 1976
Rick Wakeman - Criminal record - 1977

featuring Alan White and Chris Squire on three tracks

Rick Wakeman - Simply acoustic - 1997

A wish, A glimpse of heaven, Catherine Howard, Morning has broken, Wonderous stories, Chapel Hill, St Michael's Isle, Space oddity, Life on Mars, The meeting, And you and I, Merlin the magician, Gone but not forgotten
Alan White - Ramshackled - 1976

Japanese CD release

Rock Aid Armenia - The Earthquake album - Benefit-album (90)

Sampler with original songs by Free, Rush, Rainbow, Genesis, Yes (Owner of..), ELP, Asia, ...

incl. a new version of "Smoke on the water" featuring Chris Squire

Badger - One Live Badger - 1972

featuring Tony Kaye

Badger - White lady - 1973

featuring Tony Kaye

from an LP source

Detective - Detective (77)

featuring Tony Kaye

from an LP source

Detective - It takes one to know one (77)

featuring Tony Kaye

from an LP source

Badfinger - Say no more

feat. Tony Kaye

from an LP source

Murray Head - Say it ain't so - (75)

featuring Tony Kaye on one song

original cd

Worldtrade - First album - 1989

with Billy Sherwood

Igor Khoroshev - Piano Works

classical influenced piano solo

Eddie Jobson - Theme of secrets (85)

Eddie's second solo album

Chromium - Star to star (79?)

Geoff Downes + Trevor Horn pre Buggles

Max Bacon - The higher you climb (95)

The higher you climb, Boys from diamond city, Walk away, All grown up, When I was young, Hold him closer, Desperate times, Love comes down, Hungry warrior, No one else to blame, I know what I like, Roundabout